Advanced Webhooks threshold failure triggering
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Advanced Webhooks threshold failure triggering


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BlazeMeter CA Runscope


Advanced Webhooks offer the possibility to be triggered only after a test fails a number of times:

If you want to notify after a test fails in a location x number of times, what is the time frame in which these failures need to have happened in order for the webhook to be activated?




If you specify that an advanced webhook needs to be invoked when a test fails 2 times, it means the webhook is activated when the test fails 2 times in a row. There is no time frame involved.

So if you run a test 4 times in 5 minutes and the results are:

1. fail

2. pass

3. fail

4. fail

5. pass

Then the webhook will only be activated at the 4th run. There were 2 failures (1. and 3.) but these were not consecutively as there was a successful run in between. 

If you also checked "And again after a test returns to passing", then the webhook will be notified at the 5th run as well as it returned to passing after 2 failures in a row.

Additional Information

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