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Upgrade order from Siteminder 12.x with Symantec CA Directory 14.x


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When planning an upgrade of Siteminder environment as In-place, one might like to know the order of the upgrade of Policy Stores and Policy Servers.

Note that in this scenario it's needed to upgrade the Policy Store software, as the current version is not supported with the new Policy Server version.



Environment: Policy Server 12.x; Policy Store on CA Directory 14.x.



According to documentation, upgrade first the Policy Servers and then the Policy Store data. The Policy Servers can run with old Policy Store data (1).

Verify with the Support Matrix, that the version of the Policy Server is supported with the version of Symantec (CA) Directory (2).
As such, first upgrade the CA Directory and then upgrade Siteminder as In-Place.

(NOTE: We strongly suggest you to test the upgrade plan in lower environment in order to validate it.)


Additional Information


    Upgrade Order for In-place Upgrade

      To migrate a deployment with multiple Policy Servers and agents,
      remove one of the components from the environment. While the
      component is being upgraded, the remaining components continue
      to protect resources. Continue removing and upgrading components
      until all components are upgraded or operating in mixed-mode

      The following figures show a simple r12.5x environment. The
      stages detail the order in which existing components are
      upgraded. Each figure depicts a single policy store and key
      store. However, a deployment can use separate policy and key


    2.3 Database and Directory Systems

      | Data Store System   | Version    | Policy |
      |                     |            | Store  |
      | CA Directory Server | 12.x, 14.0 | Yes    |