CASPOOL Transformation failed - File 10 - X2YY failed, RC=08
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CASPOOL Transformation failed - File 10 - X2YY failed, RC=08


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Recently upgrade CASPOOL from v11.7 to v14 and we could see some files are getting failed in java transformation.  I have attached the ESF log and respective report file for the analysis.

ESF4113 File     10 - X2YY failed, RC=08                                    
ESF4132 File     10 xxxxxx   (yyyyyy /prtxxx  ) A2PC Transformation failed 

From transformation report:

ERROR Job-1021 Error encountered in component AFP Parser of class afpparser, detail:- Error <<<RuntimeError>>>...
com.xenos.d2e.transform.common.i: Pagedef "P1V00001" could not be parsed/loaded.
 at com.xenos.d2e.transform.component.afp.parser.AfpParser.processPageDef(
 at com.xenos.d2e.transform.component.afp.parser.AfpParser.startParser(
 at com.xenos.d2e.xdc.common.ParserXdcAdapter.startComponent(
 at com.xenos.d2e.xdc.common.ComponentManager.start(
 at com.xenos.d2e.Job.startJob(
 at com.xenos.d2e.JobManager$JobRunnerThread.runJob(
 at com.xenos.d2e.JobManager$
 in class {1}



Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


Referred pagedef is missing from the FdPageDefs concatenation in the project file.


Include the library where the required pagedef resides in FdPagedefs concatenation of the A2PC.d2eproj file. 
For example, if the library where the pagedef is stored is named USER.PDEFLIB:

            <filedeflist name="FdPagedefs">
                <filedef directives="{afp}" location="DSN:USER.PDEFLIB({0})"  cache="sys"/>
                <filedef directives="{afp}" location="DSN:SYS1.PDEFLIB({0})"  cache="sys"/>

Additional Information

If you are migrating from the C Transformers to the CA Spool Java Transformers review the section of the documentation named "Migrating from AFP Transformers to Java Transformers":