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CASPOOL Transformation failed - File 10 - X2YY failed, RC=08


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Recently upgrade CASPOOL from v11.7 to v14 and we could see some files are getting failed in java transformation.  I have attached the ESF log and respective report file for the analysis.

ESF4113 File     10 - X2YY failed, RC=08                                    
ESF4132 File     10 xxxxxx   (yyyyyy /prtxxx  ) A2PC Transformation failed 

From transformation report:

ERROR Job-1021 Error encountered in component AFP Parser of class afpparser, detail:- Error <<<RuntimeError>>>...
com.xenos.d2e.transform.common.i: Pagedef "P1V00001" could not be parsed/loaded.
 at com.xenos.d2e.transform.component.afp.parser.AfpParser.processPageDef(
 at com.xenos.d2e.transform.component.afp.parser.AfpParser.startParser(
 at com.xenos.d2e.xdc.common.ParserXdcAdapter.startComponent(
 at com.xenos.d2e.xdc.common.ComponentManager.start(
 at com.xenos.d2e.Job.startJob(
 at com.xenos.d2e.JobManager$JobRunnerThread.runJob(
 at com.xenos.d2e.JobManager$
 in class {1}



Referred pagedef is missing from the FdPageDefs concatenation in the project file.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


Include the library where the required pagedef resides in FdPagedefs concatenation of the A2PC.d2eproj file. 
For example, if the library where the pagedef is stored is named USER.PDEFLIB:

            <filedeflist name="FdPagedefs">
                <filedef directives="{afp}" location="DSN:USER.PDEFLIB({0})"  cache="sys"/>
                <filedef directives="{afp}" location="DSN:SYS1.PDEFLIB({0})"  cache="sys"/>

Additional Information

If you are migrating from the C Transformers to the CA Spool Java Transformers review the section of the documentation named "Migrating from AFP Transformers to Java Transformers":