Benefit Plan not saved with Cost Plan if added at "Submit for Approval" step
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Benefit Plan not saved with Cost Plan if added at "Submit for Approval" step


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


After submitting a Cost Plan for approval, the Benefit Plan is not showing in the Cost Plan or Budget even though it's populated in the Submit for Approval step in the Modern User Experience (UX) Financials Module

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. In the Modern UX, add the Financials module to a Project Blueprint
  2. Create a project (Financially enabled) and associate it to the Project Blueprint from step 1
  3. Go to the Financials module for the project
  4. Click on Benefit Plans on the left hand side
  5. Click the + icon and enter a Name and ID
  6. Click on Cost Plans on the left hand side
  7. Click the + icon and enter required information (Name, ID, and select Grouping Attributes)
  8. Right click on the new Cost Plan and select ‘Make Plan of Record’
  9. Right click the Cost Plan and select ‘Submit for Approval’
  10. Enter required information and from the Benefit plan drop down select the Benefit Plan created in Step 5
  11. Click Submit.
    • Note: You will receive a message “Success: Cost Plan is submitted for approval” and the budget is successfully created
  12. Add the Benefit Plan column to the Cost Plan grid and Budget grid views

Expected Results: The Benefit Plan selected when submitting the cost plan for approval is populated in the Benefit Plan column

Actual Results: The Benefit Plan field is blank


Release : 15.9.1, 15.9.2

Component : Clarity Financial Management


This is caused by DE60843


Fixed in 15.9.3 as DE60843


Manually populate the Benefit Plan from the grid list view (this can be done for both the Cost Plan and Budget). For the Cost Plan, the Benefit Plan can also be populated from the Cost Plan Detail flyout