Upgrading Security Analytics S500 reboots to old release
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Upgrading Security Analytics S500 reboots to old release


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Security Analytics


After upgrading the S500 from 8.1.2 to 8.2.2 it booted into 8.2.2 initially.  However, after that, the appliance keeps booting back into 8.1.2


The si_install.sh script only found one SSD to boot from.  The installation requires that both SSD cards are detected and identified.

Errors seen during solera-upgrade.sh and verify-upgrade.sh

si_install.sh: Testing to see if this is Blue Coat Hardware...

si_install.sh: Determining which drives are SSDs...


si_install.sh: Error: getSSDids

Errors seen in /var/log/messages

2021-04-27T13:28:59-04:00 servername root: si_install.sh: Invalid Number of SSDs: 1 reported 


Check to make sure both SSD cards are firmly seated on the motherboard.  

The steps are as follows:

  • Remove the top cover of the appliance after disconnecting all cables and power
  • Remove the front plastic airduct according to the diagram printed.
  • The two SSD cards are blue and located on the right side of the chassis
  • Squeeze the two clips on each side of the SSD
  • Remove both SSDs and reseat them firmly.  Use the white guide posts as you reseat the SSDs.
  • Once both SSD are reseated, replace the plastic airduct cover and replace the cover.
  • Reconnect all cables
  • Attempt the upgrade process again

Additional Information

This is for the S500 only.