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FTP Tab not visible in RA job in AWI


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


 We have an issue with 6 RA FTP jobs in our environment. When we open the objects to edit, the FTP tab is not visible. All other RA FTP jobs appear to open correctly with FTP tab visible. So I presume there is some internal issue with these jobs?

This first happened a few weeks ago, but we could not work out why. We restored the objects from an old Transport Case & the FTP tab was visible.

How the FTP tab is again not visible



Release : 12.3

Component : RA.FTP


This job was created with a different template.

In the XML file I can see as follows

Missing FTP Tab

<citcont agentname="AG_FTP" jobtype="FTPAGENT" text="Ftp">
            <cit cittype="2" icon="" id="" subtype="XXX_DOWNLOADSFTPJOB" text="Job Panel">

Visible FTP Tab

 <citcont agentname="N00_FTP" jobtype="FTPAGENT" text="Ftp">
            <cit cittype="2" icon="" id="" subtype="FTPJOB" text="FtpJob">

After updating the "subtype" to  subtype="FTPJOB in the XML & imported the job & the FTP tab appears correctly now.