CA Dispatch - Archival Process Seems to Slow, SATURATION is not Decreasing
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CA Dispatch - Archival Process Seems to Slow, SATURATION is not Decreasing


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We need to understand a possible issue we are having with the archival process of our CA Dispatch.

Saturation is currently at 92%, with several archives being created without any error messages. Examples of today:


Even though CA dispatch has already allocated around 500 of these archives today, Saturation remains at 92% and not decreasing.

We currently have 12 LDS files and we have been appending more and more, every time to avoid impacting the SAPI intercept process.


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


The Dispatch Daily housekeeping jobs DSEXVIEW (Dispatch down) or DSEXPSVW (Dispatch up) will remove Expired OLV (On Line Viewing) reports from Dispatch (and the LDS), freeing up space in the LDS, ultimately reducing Saturation. 

If Saturation does not go down, it might be the case that there are more Reports being kept in OLV for a longer period of time, which would keep Saturation high. 

Keeping reports longer in OLV will occupy space in the LDS.

For the Queue types ARCHDUP, ARCHRES and OTHER, in the Report Input Display Facility screen (option 8.2 off the main menu), reports in these Queues will occupy LDS space.


The DSEXVIEW job will remove expired reports from OLV and will bring the Saturation down. 

The DSEXVIEW job, which executes PGM=CADSVIEW, runs with Dispatch down. 

The DSEXVIEW JCL is provided in the CADSJCL install library, which may have been tailored and the jobname called something else. 

If Saturation does not go down, it needs to be determined that this housekeeping job is indeed running. 

The entries in the Archive queue will occupy space in the LDS, especially if they are reports that are only archived and not placed in OLV. 


The recommendation would be to review/implement the recommended Daily Housekeeping jobs. 

Upon a change, recycle the associated CA Dispatch task. 

In addition, please have your end-users take a look in OLV, to see if they have any OLD reports there that could be manually deleted, which will also free up space in the LDS files.