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User is forced to update and save a SQL JOB when the Process Panel contains empty lines, even if no modifications were introduced.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


This problem concerns SQL jobs only, and could not be reproduced in in R3 jobs
When in the Process Tab empty lines are appended at the end of the JCL the following happens and it has been saved.
If it is opened again and the user goes into the process tab, the 'Edit' button gets active.
The user cannot close the object without updating the JOB or without replying "Discard Changes and Close".


This is a bug of the Automic Web Interface.


A problem has been fixed where, if an SQL Job contained empty lines at the end of its script, AWI automatically removed these lines upon opening the Process page (where the script is contained).

This meant that the script was modified and, therefore, had to be saved again.




Automic Web Interface 12.3.4 HF1


This bug will be fixed in the following AE/AWI versions:

12.3.6 available end of June 2021

21.0.0 available end of September 2021.