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AIOps - How to apply a new hotfix image?


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What are the steps to apply a new hotfix image?

Use-case 1 : dx-core-apmservices-manager 
Use-case 2 : apm-logstasth


DX Platform 11.x +


For Broadcom Support Only

1) Pull and Save the HOTFIX image locally, for example you need to download manager: HOTFIX image

docker pull Pulling from apmservices/manager
a0d0a0d46f8b: Pull complete
b1fe413ee8bd: Pull complete
3abe930720a8: Pull complete
7f31b5bea926: Pull complete
f949c2ca8fae: Pull complete
73f4e73bea78: Pull complete
0dcf4a26964d: Pull complete
8c261a5ab269: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:e0a3d6d8fc72777118ef6e84152e2f059808a0fa181b71b1fe14f750f1e2e298
Status: Downloaded newer image for

docker save > manager:

2) Upload the new image to the Support case


For Customers

How to apply a new manager-x.x.x.x HOTFIX image

In this example, we assume manager: fix package has been provided:

1. Download and copy provided image to the kubernetes/openshift master server

2. Load a new image to the local docker registry

docker load < manager:x.x.x.x-linux-amd64.tar

For example:

docker load < manager:

Verify image has been loaded:

docker images 

For example:

docker images | grep manager

3. Tag the imported image:

docker image tag<version>-linux-amd64 <private-registry>/dxi/apmservices-manager:<version>-linux-amd64

For example:

docker image tag

Verify image tag has been updated:

docker images 

For example:

docker images | grep manager

3.  Push the image to the private registry:

docker image push <private-registry>/dxi/apmservices-manager:<version>-linux-amd64

for example:

docker image push

5e1a592aa0a6: Pushed
00d7593bf56a: Pushed
1adfe9cb233d: Pushed
a1bbdbc60c33: Pushed
01c81433d847: Pushed
7184f5f9c79e: Pushed
cda81c0c4540: Pushed
e2eb06d8af82: Mounted from dxi/ digest: sha256:183ea4ea3200c983827021303e0e268f4847985fdcc5b3456aaba507649089d8 size: 2009


4. Edit the deployment of the manager : apmservices-manager-001, update the containers section :

kubectl edit deployment apmservices-manager-001 -n<namespace>

Locate the containers image section, like below:

Current value:

      image: <private-registry>/dxi/apmservices-manager:       

Update the image name, for example:


Save the file,  apmservices-manager-001pod will be restarted 


5. Verify pod is using the new image:

kubectl describe po <apmservices-manager-pod> -n<namespace> | grep Image

For example:


How to apply a new apm-logstasth-x.x.x HOTFIX image

In this example, we assume apm-logstasth-1.1.10.tar fix package has been provided

1. Copy “apm-logstasth-1.1.10.tar” to the machine where APM is installed

2. Run below command to load new image

docker load <  apm-logstasth-1.1.10.tar

new image will be listed in docker images as shown below

3.Tag new image by running the below command

docker tag <<new image id>> localhost:5000/ng/logstash:1.1.10

Example: docker tag c53c106fa567 localhost:5000/ng/logstash:1.1.10

4. Push new image to local repository

docker push localhost:5000/ng/logstash:1.1.10

5. Apply new logstasth image to existing pods from Kubernetes console

a) Open Console->DXI namespace ->PODs

b) Click on apm-logstash pod (apm-logstash-14) à Edit yml

c) Update “image” field under “containers” tag 

"image": "localhost:5000/ng/logstash:1.1.7" to "image": "localhost:5000/ng/logstash:1.1.10"

d) Pod will be restarted by pulling new image


6. To apply new logstasth image for all new Tenants

a) Open Console->DXI namespace ->Config Maps

b) Click on apmservices-manager -> EDIT yml

c) Update "APMMANAGER_DEPLOYMENT_LOGSTASH_IMAGEURL" property with new image path

"APMMANAGER_DEPLOYMENT_LOGSTASH_IMAGEURL": "localhost:5000/ng/logstash:1.1.10",

 d) Restart apmservices-manager-001 service

 e) Now if we create new tenant , logstasth pod will be started with new image


Additional Information

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