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Network Connectivity (Enhanced) profile + Alarm Policies generate alarms for deleted devices


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We deployed a Network Connectivity (Enhanced) profile to a Dynamic group with Alarm Policies in place. 
After some time, we deleted a device from UIM Inventory which belong to the group with the Network Connectivity (Enhanced) profile and noticed that alarms are generated even though the device is gone.

Why are alarms being generated for deleted devices?


Release : 20.3



Per the Note in documentation link below, this behavior is expected. 

Deleting a device from USM and rediscovery does not stop probes from monitoring the device. Probes monitoring the device will continue to collect QoS metrics and generate alarms. The best practice is to first configure probes to stop monitoring or discovering the devices that will be deleted and then delete the devices.
Steps for probe configuration varies by probe and is beyond the scope of this topic. For information on probe configuration, see CA UIM probes documentation.

Removing Devices in OC


To stop alarms, run the mon_config_service -> plugin_metric_correction callack against the robot with the Setup Network Connectivity (Enhanced) profile (net_connect probe).
The plugin_metric_correction removes the deleted device from the plugin_metric.cfg file and stops the alarms.

To stop the QOS collection for the deleted device, the profile must be manually removed from the net_connect probe. The profile can be removed via IM or by editing the net_connect.cfg and manually removing the profile entries.

To avoid this scenario, remove the device from the group with the Network Connectivity (Enhanced) profile prior to deleting  device from the inventory.
This method completely removes the deleted device from all related MCS files, both plugin_metric.cfg and net_connect.cfg