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Console message IEFTMS11 and I don't know how to remove it, and the TMS is not active.


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CA 1 Tape Management


The IEFTMS11 message: 'MN DSNAME' MUST BE ACTIVE, REPLY U WHEN ACTIVATED OR 'HELP' is issued during TMSINIT startup.  How do I remove it?  TMSINIT is not coming up. 


The CA 1 system needs to have the MVS system set to display data set names in tape mount messages. 


As stated in the "CA 1 Tape Management System - 14.0 Messages" manual for the IEFTMS11 message, the operator must issue the following command to allow further TMSINIT processing to continue:

Issue the system console command MN DSNAME, then reply U to the IEFTMS11 WTOR.

NOTE:  When the operator issues the MVS 'MN DSNAME' (Monitor) command described above, there will be NO feedback messages written to the console.  Replying 'U' to the IEFTMS11 WTOR after issuing the 'MN DSNAME' command should show restarted TMSINIT processing.  

Additional Information

See the "z/OS MVS System Commands" manual for further information on the MONITOR (MN) command.