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Copy Generator in Build fails to complete the copy of a generator with a lot of rows


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



I am running tests on features in latest build and the copy generator only partially worked.

The dmtest generator has rows in more tables than the copy/clone. 

In copied generator, all the tables are listed but the copy failed moving data at row 5

from the TDM Debug Portal logs:

9) In the TDMJob Engine.log I did find the following:
2021-04-02 14:50:27.135 UTC [INFO ] [schedulerFactoryBean_Worker-6] --- [U:][M:][P:]                               c.c.t.j.job.BaseJob:  Job started with name: clonedmtest2_2438 id: 107

2021-04-02 14:51:27.299 UTC [ERROR] [schedulerFactoryBean_Worker-6] --- [U:][M:][P:]                      c.c.t.j.j.g.CopyGeneratorJob:  Failed to copy generator, error: I/O error on POST request for "https://<SEVERNAME>:8443/TDMGeneratorService/api/ca/v1/generators/copy": Read timed out; nested exception is Read timed out Read timed out


It's a problem with the timeout between microservices. 



TDM 4.9.X
Test data manager



you should add the following parameter ( if does not exists)  or update ( if exists ) on file for the TDM Portal.

the parameter:

This parameter is in milliseconds pattern, so 60000 for 1 minute and 120000 for 2 minutes and so on.

Try stating with 3 minutes and increase if needed.