Java agent is not identifying all applications in Tomcat - everything is reported under the same App node
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Java agent is not identifying all applications in Tomcat - everything is reported under the same App node


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DX Application Performance Management CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Using the Tomcat agent for 20.x we are seeing that under FrontEnds only one App name is reported and all metrics for every App is reported under that instead of a separate App node for each deployed Application. The URLs branch under the app shows that the expected application URLs are being detected but the application naming is always set to the same application. We can see this in trace output .

This did not happen with APM 10.7



Release : 20.x

Component : APM Agents


One of the applications deployed on the Tomcat server was a Spring Boot application. The SpringBoot extension/bundle which is distributed by default with the Tomcat agent will set a global application name which it detects in the SpringBoot application - this will take precedence over any other application name detected by the agent.


The spring boot extension is not required for the application monitoring itself it is just intended for naming in a standalone Spring Boot enviornment.


The solution for a multi-application enviornment is to remove the Spring Boot extension i.e.

remove the following

- folder wily/releases/nn.n/extensions/spring-boot-xxxxxxxx.xx.x.x.xx

- file wily/releases/nn.n/extensions/deploy/spring-boot-xxxxxxxx.xx.x.x.xx.tar.gz

edit the extensions.proilfe and remove the reference to the Spring Boot extension e.g.