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UIM alarms not popping up in spectrum post maintenance schedule at Spectrum


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Our spectrum and UIM is not in sync with maintenance schedule.  In other words, we put devices into Maintenancein Spectrum only.

We do not use UIM Maintenance Mode at all.

Now what we have observed that when a device is in MM at spectrum for 1 hour someone stopped/reboot the server during this time, UIM found some service down alerts. 

Since the device was in Maintenance these alerts were not synced to Spectrum.

However, after maintenance, a couple services failed to start as expected.  UIM generated alarms for these services but we did not see them in Spectrum.


Release : 20.3



This is a known behavior when maintenance is not synced.

The issue is that since the alarms first came in during maintenance, they are not synced, and marked for the spectrumgtw to ignore them.

Once maintenance is over, these alarms still exist in UIM and the 'Count' increases so they aren't seen as new alarms, and spectrumgtw continues to ignore them.

You would need to manually ensure to clear any UIM alarms which came in during the maintenance time so they would be seen as 'new' alarms once maintenance is finished if the alarms are still coming.