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SYSVIEW CAPTURE of SYSLOG Command Fails Due to Unformatted Data Error on the CAPImmediate Command


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


When using the SYSVIEW CAPTURE to collect the output of SYSVIEW commands, the collection of the SYSLOG command fails when the CAPImmediate is issued after the SYSLOG command.  The CAPI error message 

displayed is "fails GSV2122W CAPTURE ignored, SYSLOG command data is not formatted" 


Release : 16.0

Component : CA SYSVIEW Performance Management (SYSVIEW)


How to collect specific SYSLOG command output without running the CAPTURE command:

*  Execute  the SYSVIEW command that you want to collect the output from in SYSLOG.   An example would be   "MVS D CONSOLES"

*  Execute the SYSVIEW SYSLOG command                       
*  After the SYSLOG output is displayed, do a find on the command that you just executed.   An example would be  FIND 'd console' PREV   

*  Please note the row number for the beginning of the command output 

*  Page forward until the end of the executed command output display and note the ending row number 

*  Execute the PRINT OPEN  command   

*  Execute  the PRINT FROM "beginning row number"  TO "ending row number"   command   

*  Execute the PRINT CLOSE command

*  Execute the ACTivity "your TSO id"  command .  Note if you don't see your TSO ID listed, you may need to reset your job prefix with this command:    PREFIX "your TSO ID"

*  On the ACTivity command display, put an L line command next to your TSO id line

*  Select the SYS* DD name and confirm that your command output is being displayed

*  You can now save this sysout DD information to a file using the COD line command and that can then be uploaded to a Support Case or shared with Support in some other way.