Cannot access the MSSQL repository from Datamaker
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Cannot access the MSSQL repository from Datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Initially, installed the TDM 4.9.1 with Oracle repository and it worked fine.
However, after trying to configure MSSQL repository but Datamaker got the error message like below:


But there are not any problems in the TDM Portal. 


Release : 4.X

Component : CA Test Data Manager - TDM Web Portal


The error messages from Datamaker caused, because the tables for repository did not exist in MSSQL repository database.
Because the tables for repository are created during the installation process for TDM Portal, but the TDM Portal was installed with Oracle repository.
Then the Portal had the repository information for Oracle repository, then the Portal did not get any error messages.


Please note that the one TDM Portal installation cannot switch repositories like from Oracle repository to MSSQL repository.
If it is needed to use the TDM Portal with Oracle repository, then please change the connection profile in Datamaker.
If it is needed to use the TDM Portal with MSSQL repository, then please uninstall existing TDM Portal, remove folders which are related TDM Portal and install TDM Portal with empty MSSQL repository.
If it is needed to use both, then please prepare one more operating system and install TDM components with MSSQL server.

Additional Information

There is a note in the documentation for installing like below:

From Test Data Manager 4.8, the TDM Portal service installs the gtrep repository tables (if they are not present) or updates gtrep (if it is from a previous version) when you start the service. You still need to create the gtrep repository and user before you can install TDM Portal.

In detail please read the link below: