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How to stop all the SMTP emails from Endevor


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


We would like to stop emails being sent out from Endevor.


Release : 18.0 +

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager



Two ways to Stop Emails being sent out:

Method 1):

Change the ESMTPTBL to not send any emails.  Make the following changes to the default table as found in CSIQSRC(ESMTPTBL).

Currently the default table has:

         $ESMTP HOSTNAME=hostname,                                               X    
     ,                                           X    
               DFTURL='http://endevor0/ccm1002/webpages/login.jsp',     X    
               DFTID=USERID           use [email protected]                  
*                                     if userid not explicitly defined      

Change it to this:

         $ESMTP HOSTNAME=hostname,                                                X    
     ,                                            X    
*              DFTID=USERID           use [email protected]                  
*                                     if userid not explicitly defined    

The changes are to put a * in column 1 next to DFTID=USERID. This will comment it out the line.  On the previous line remove the X in column 72 and remove the comma at the end of the line. This will remove the continuation. 

Then compile and link the table.

Method 2): 

Ensure you don't have Exit 7 active and it is not sending out emails. If you do you may have to alter exit 7 or remove exit 7.

In the C1DEFLTS make the following changes.

Ensure the value of [email protected] is null or N. (ie [email protected]=, or [email protected]=N,)

Ensure all cases(for all Environments) the value of [email protected] is null or N(ie. [email protected]=, [email protected]=N)

Then compile and link the C1DEFLTS table.

In the options table (ENCOPTBL) ensure the following options are active:



Then compile and link the ENCOPTBL.