How to keep a minimum number of statistics/executions
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How to keep a minimum number of statistics/executions


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


This article addresses how to keep a minimum number of statistics or executions (some customers refer to these as $stdlist, although this is not common Automic vocabulary) for Automic Automation tasks.

For example, a customer wants 10 years of data for a specific object that runs once annually.  They also want to show 10 months of data for an object that runs monthly.


Release : 12.3

Component : Utilities


Statistics or Executions are removed via the reorg and unload utilities.  There are two options in the Reorg for which records should be flagged for deletion and then the unload will delete those.

"Reorg statistics older than x days, corresponds to the [today - x days]"
"Keep Last y Statistical records per object"

Please see the documentation here for more info on these settings in the reorg tool:

To keep the last 10 records per object, they will need to set the second to 10.  This can be done with the following steps:

Open the reorg gui (ucybdbreg.exe)
Putt the login information for the client number where statistical records should be kept
Double-click on the "Statistics" row
Be sure that "Keep last" checkbox is checked
Update the number to 10

PLEASE NOTE: This will start keeping the statistical records moving forward, if the records were already removed from the database, they cannot be retrieved within Automic.  They can only be retrieved via the Archive Browser, assuming that the archive is used.  For more information on the Archive Browser and archive, please see the documentation here: