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CA Workload Automation AE


When using RESTRICT_DELETE_DEPENDENT_JOB=1 for AutoSys, the command line displays an informative message.

AutoSys command line example:
# jil
jil>>1> delete_job: test1
jil>>2> exit
CAUAJM_I_50200 Attempting to Delete Job: test1
CAUAJM_I_10239 Jobs which are dependent on the
DELETED Job: test1
CAUAJM_E_50201 Delete was not performed!
CAUAJM_E_50198 Exit Code = 1

How does WCC behave when the variable is set?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)



AutoSys command line:
When a user tries to delete the job which has dependent jobs following information will be displayed.

 CAUAJM_I_50200 Attempting to Delete Job: Test1
 CAUAJM_I_10239 Jobs which are dependent on the
 DELETED Job: Test1
 CAUAJM_E_50201 Delete was not performed!
 CAUAJM_E_50198 Exit Code = 1

From WCC:
When a user tries to delete a job which has dependent jobs the following information will be shown in GUI.

Like shown in command line in GUI also showing the operation of what the user is going to do and dependent jobs.

 Delete Object [Title to represent that user is trying to do the delete operation on object] 
 Are you sure want to delete the selected object(s)?
 Important! The selected object(s) have the following dependent(s):
 Job Name Dependents
 Test1     Test2
 Yes no.

When the user clicks on 'Yes' following messages will be displayed. 
As dependent jobs are there failed to delete the job and the operation is failed.

 E122301 Failed to delete job "Test1".
 CAUAJM_E_10673 The requested server operation failed. Operation ID = 266.