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Steps for upgrading Control Compliance Suite's infrastructure databases to SQL 2019


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Control Compliance Suite Standards Server Control Compliance Suite


Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

You would like to know what the steps for upgrading CCS's infrastructure databases (i.e. CSM_Db and CSM_Reports) to MSSQL 2019.

NOTE: MSSQL 2019 is not supported for the CSM_Db and CSM_Reports databases until CCS version 12.5.2 or later.  Do not upgrade to MSSQL 2019 until you are at the minimum CCS v12.5.2.


Release : 12.5.2

Component : CCS Databases


The standard SQL Server In-Place upgrade process suggested by Microsoft can be followed to upgrade to SQL 2019 (NOTE: You must have CCS 12.5.2 applied before upgrading to  MSSQL 2019 as the CCS database components are not supported on MSSQL 2019 until 12.5.2 ). Make sure that you have a current full backup of the CCS databases and Application Server before performing any SQL server upgrades, and CCS user account should have all required permissions on the newly upgraded SQL 2019 version.