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Transaction Trace index retention


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)



The amount of traces in ao_apm_tt_2 index in jarvis-elastic grows extremely large and is not deleted by timestamp.


Cannot find the retention period of the "apm_tt" doc_type but no doc_type "apm_tt" is onboarded in the apis interface.


apm_tt is the doc_type because it shows up by elastic search on the ao_apm_tt_2 index







Investigation was not pursued into why trace index was not onboarded.


Release : 20.2

Component : APM Agents


Default storage time for trace information is 7 days.
Following information assumes traces are onboarded which is to be expected in normal behaviour.

Procedure to check/change retention setting for any doc_type from the Jarvis API swagger UI.


http://<axa/jarvis host>:8080/


To check/get:

GET /onboarding/doc_type(product_id='{product_id}',doc_type_id='{doc_type_id}',doc_type_version='{doc_type_version}')

product_id: ao

doc_type_id: apm_tt

doc_type_version: 1


To set/change:

PATCH /onboarding/doc_type


  "doc_type_id": "apm_tt",

  "doc_type_version": "1",

  "retention_period": 5,

  "product_id": "ao"