Where do I find the current status of BPID's?
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Where do I find the current status of BPID's?


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS



The Batch Processor .CONTROL statement specifies the BPID (Batch Processor Input Dataset) being used, for example:


The BPID is used by the sync point and restart processing to track the execution status and logging of sync records (rows). The BPID is set to the fully qualified name of the data set being executed.

How do I check the status of BPIDs ?



From the Main Menu choose Option 2:  RC/Migrator, then Option 3:  Execution Display.

Execution Display is an online display of analysis and batch processor jobs and will show the progress of the job as it executes.

The Syncpoint-# field of the display will provide the ID of the sync point as well as the status.

Status codes are:

? XI—Currently executing, BPID enqueued, connected to the DB2 system whose BP log is being viewed.

? SC—Currently executing, but job is now connected to and logging to a different DB2 system.

? NC—Completed successfully.

? NI—Error during execution, job terminated.

? FC—Forced completion (.EXIT command encountered that specified a return code of zero.)

? FI—Forced incomplete (.EXIT command encountered that specified a non-zero return code.)

 ? AB—Abended, BPID not enqueued. Indicates that the job abended before updating the log record to properly reflect the error condition. Such records might    incorrectly have a status of XI (executing).

Records that are not cleaned up (deleted) on this screen can cause error messages in current jobs if the BPID is the same.

Valid actions on the records displayed on this screen are Delete (D), Edit (E), Browse (B) or Submit(S) the job.




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