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Can the BSDS, SVT1VCAT and Global VCAT be SMS managed.


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Vtape Virtual Tape System


For CA-VTAPE, can the BSDS, SVT1VCAT and Global VCAT be SMS managed?


Release : 12.6

Component : CA VTAPE


The CA Vtape BSDS, Global VCAT, and Local VCAT data sets can all be SMS managed.  But there are several restrictions to keep in mind concerning allocation of these data sets and also the ICF User Catalog used in the CA Vtape complex: 

o  The BSDS and Global VCAT data sets should be allocated on separate volumes (since they back each other up).

o  The ICF User Catalog should be allocated on a volume different from that used for both the BSDS and Global VCAT.

o  The Global VCAT must be allocated on a single DASD volume with as few extents as possible.  The fewer the extents, the better the access performance.

o  The best practice is to dedicate DASD volumes to the Global VCAT and BSDS data sets since a hardware reserve is issued with QNAME=SVTS (by default) against the volume on which the Global VCAT or BSDS data sets reside (this occurs when writing control information from the Dataspace to these data sets). 

Additional Information

See the CA Vtape Virtual Tape System Installation Guide, the CA Vtape Virtual Tape System Configuration Guide, and the CA Vtape Virtual Tape System Best Practices Guide for further details.