How to clean up Statistics Manager (PSM) versions
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How to clean up Statistics Manager (PSM) versions


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Plan Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


It was noticed that every time the copy or migrate job is run a new row is added to the Statistics Manager Strategy Services
screen within Statistics Manager. Where is this data stored and how does one automate the cleanup/deletion of that data?


The tables PTI.PTPS_SYSTATS_# and PTI.PTPS_DBASTATS_# store the statistics collected for the PSM strategy versions (import, export, rollback, load, unload).
Statistics Manager (PSM) does not currently have the ability to limit the strategy versions like PPA.
MAX_#_VERS is a PPA parmlib option and PSM does not read any of the PPA parmlib options.
The only way to delete these PSM strategy versions is by entering statistics manager and deleting each unwanted PSM strategy version.