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Expanding Sub-object View Not Expanding at the Bottom in New UI


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Clarity PPM SaaS


In MUX, Grid View, when opening flyout details on an investment with a long list of attributes, the bottom of the list runs off the bottom of the page and is not accessible


1. Create a Custom Investment Type (CIT) named Work, API enable it and it's attributes.
2. Create a sub-object to Work named List, API enable it.
3. Create enough attributes so that a total of about 30, including OOTB, exist and are API enabled.
4. Create a Blueprint for the Work CIT. Enable the List sub-object as a Module on the Blueprint, and enable it to Show Details in Flyout.
5. Create a Work instance, and enter at least one List instance.
6. In the Work grid view, select the row and open the Flyout Details.
7. Click on the List sub-object, and click the Expand button.
8. Select the List row, and open the Flyout Details.
9. Click Configure, and add fields to the view.

Expected Results:  See all the fields you have added to more than one page worth of fields at the bottom, and all of the list of fields are visible/accessible.

Actual Results: as you add more than one page worth of fields, the fields at the bottom are not visible, and the list of fields to select from won't show the bottom of the list. 


• In Edit view, press tab to access fields off screen.
• In Configure view, add the fields that go on the bottom first and then additional fields above them.
• In Configure view, filter the list of fields to add, to see those that aren't visible off the bottom of the list.
• If you don't have Edit access, add the fields to the grid view of the sub-object to see the information.


Release : 15.9.1



This is logged as defect DE60796 which is FIXED in 15.9.3