How can I collect user input from TDM Portal and pass it to an application to run in a POST Process actions?
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How can I collect user input from TDM Portal and pass it to an application to run in a POST Process actions?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We need to reload data that was previously published. Currently, data can be reloaded when we execute the same bundle_id from the command prompt:

(java -jar TDMLoadDataTest.jar M#### T##### 2492 DL ST stha##### NO C )

 We are looking to provide a user the option from the TDM portal where the user can input the existing bundle_id and then the command line is executed after that.





TDM 4.8.X 4.9.X

Test Data Manager
Agile Requirements designed (ARD) 3.X
Javelin 3.X






Step One:

  • Create your process for the TDM Portal. In this use case, I created C:\Testcase1\UseCase1.bat
    • ( this batch file take in 3 command-line arguments to be used in its process)
  • Test your process and make sure it works running as administrator /root or as the user running the TDM Portal.

Step Two:

  • Create a Javelin flow that executes the process application created above.
  • Make sure you create variables in Javelin for the Parameters you want to pass.

Step Three:

  • Create a table in a database that has all of the field names exactly the same as those created in the Javelin flow
    • (The attached zip file has an MS SQL Server script to create an example table)
  • In TDM Portal create a connection to the database table.
  • Next register the Table under Modeling\Objects

Step Four:

  • Import the Javelin Flow created in Step two above into the TDM Portal under Oracstration \ Workflows
    • ( I created the Javelin workflow in the same directory as the Batch file above)

Step Five:

  • Create a new generator
  • Select the table created and registered in step 3
  • Create Variables with the same names as the field names and provide default values:
    • Make sure they are checked to resolve BEFORE publish
  • Create a new configuration for the generator that points to the registered table
    • make sure it is set to active
    • the source and destination connection profiles should be set to the same connection.
  • Make sure the generator is checked for use in self-service:
  • create a new record in the generator and set the fields using data painter to the variable names that match
  • Create a Post Publish Action
    • Make sure the Action Type is set to  Workflow
    • Choose the Javelin Workflow name that you imported in Step Four
    • Under Use as Variables check Publish Data
    • Choose the Table name of the Registered Table.
    • under execution make sure the following are checked
      • Wait for completion
      • Success Required
    • Under the execution plan make sure it is set to POST
    • Set the timeout to 60 seconds or as needed for your process.
  • Publish and test your data Generation to make sure the records are created as expected.

Step Six:

  • Create an Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) model with a single process block in it.
  • In the make system data section connect to your TDM Portal 
    • Find the correct project and version for your generator
    • select the generator created in Step Five
    • Select the variables you want to pass to Javelin 
    • Set the Publish type to Use Default Publish
    • Save the flow to the TDM Repository in the same project and version.


Step Seven:

  • In TDM Portal under Self Service Flows edit the new Flow and check the box for show in Self Service Catalog.

You should now have a new tile in the Self Service Catalog for your Process.


Additional Information



  • make sure the directory for the Application you are having javelin run is local to the TDM Portal.
  • Make sure the permissions on the directory are set to allow everyone full permission or the user running the TDM Portal has full permissions.

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