12.1 Web Viewer - mass deleting users, printing a Users list
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12.1 Web Viewer - mass deleting users, printing a Users list


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While our userids are current in Dispatch, it appears we have defunct users in OM Web Viewer. We've found many userids still showing there that no longer exist. Can can we do a batch or mass delete of the inactive UserIDs? Can we print a list of all the Users defined to the Web Viewer?


Release : 12.1



Use the Administration, Users action to delete users from the Web Viewer. It's a one-at-a-time type of action, but it's the only way to remove users.

There is no way to print a list of users out of Web Viewer. The best we can do is go to Administration, Users and click Export, and in the Admin Object Export menu, select only User. and Next... You can do a Save As... and the adminUser.xml it creates can be opened in NotePad or another editor. The file will contain more than just UserIDs, but it will contain all the Users defined to the Web Viewer.

Additional Information

We did look at the code where previously exported Web Viewer DB tables are imported, and the logic does not help to delete users you might remove from the exported file. Specifically, if you export your Users table, go into the XML file and delete all the users you need to remove, then import the edited XML file, the deleted users will NOT be removed from the Web Viewer. Technically, this is because the import process is not permitted to "overwrite" a database record/entry. Bottom line is that there is only one way to delete users from 12.1 Web Viewer, and that is by the single threaded, one-by-one Administration action.