Per Period Metrics jumps to next row instead of column if you tab quickly
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Per Period Metrics jumps to next row instead of column if you tab quickly


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When entering data in per period metrics (Time scale (TSV), if you tab fast through cells, sometimes it will bring you to the next row (and period) instead of just the next period. 

This can cause you to incorrectly enter data for the wrong assignment and period. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project with 5 assignments
  2. Go to the Assignments module in the project
  3. In View->Options set the below:
    • Periods = Months
    • Start Period = 2021-1
    • End Period = 2021-11
    • Total Columns = Sum of Periods
  4. Per Period Metrics – Select ETC
  5. Click on an assignment, and enter ETC for the first period (2021-01) then click tab to go to the next period
  6. Repeat the above step for each period

Expected Results: Your cursor is taken to the next column in the same row after each tab until you hit the end of the row where it will go to the last column of the next row. 

Actual Results: Intermittently, your cursor is moved down one row and one column instead of just one column. 


Release : 15.9.2




Workaround: Wait one second in between each tab on the keyboard, this will help to avoid this issue. 


Fixed in Release 15.9.3

Fixed in Release 15.9.2 Patch #1 ( 

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