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SISFIM module doesn't load in DCS 6.9 when co-installed with SEP 14.3.1


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


While listed as a compatible combination, there are circumstances when the SISFIM module doesn't load in Data Center Security 6.9 when Symantec Endpoint Protection for Linux 14.3 is installed.  When you check the logs for DCS, you see that it is detecting the presence of AutoProtect and choosing not to load this module.


This is caused by a safety mechanism in DCS designed to prevent a conflict between the AutoProtect functionality in the Anti Malware feature of DCS and the AutoProtect that's installed as part of SEP.


Release : 6.9.0

Component :


1. Remove SEP and DCS, reboot machine.
2. Install DCS with -disableAmd switch, reboot.
3. Install SEP
By reinstalling them in this order, DCS won't attempt to install its own AutoProtect and consequently won't need to disable FIM on boot.