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Transmission error "XCOMU0287E Error setting remote user id: Incorrect uid / pwd"


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - Linux PC


We require your guidance regarding the error observed in the log "XCOMU0287E Error setting remote user id: Incorrect uid / pwd" It is worth mentioning that this error is occurring in a quality environment, and it is trying to migrate from an XCOM for Windows to XCOM for Linux and this error is reported on CA XCOM for Linux.


Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC


It was confirmed that the incorrect credentials were being provided for the transfer.

Additional Information

Message 'XCOMU0287E Error setting remote userid: Incorrect uid/pwd" can be caused by several things. In this case the message is returned to XCOM on Windows from Linux, hence the fifth character "U" of the message.

Here is a list of causes:

1. The incorrect credentials were passed to XCOM on Linux. Please make sure that the values for USERID= and PASSWORD=  in the .cnf or .xml for the transfer are correct. They must be in the proper case since Linux is case sensitive.

2. If the credentials being used are part of a Domain, please make sure that you specify DOMAIN= if necessary as part of the .cnf or .xml for the transfer.

3. If you have configured PAM on the Linux make sure that all is configured correctly and the proper credentials are used.