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Seeing 3rd level values for static dependent lookup where it is not expected in MUX


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Clarity PPM On Premise



When going to MUX one of our static dependent lookups is showing a 3rd level values when lookup has only 2 levels defined.


1. Create Static Dependent Lists lookup with 2 levels

2. For level 1 create 2 values (one, two). Don't create any 2nd level values.

3. Create 2nd Static Dependent Lists lookup with 2 levels

4. For level 1 create 2 values (two, three).

5. Under value two create a value for the second level and call it two2

6. Notice that Classic UI for the 1st lookup create has a plus (+) sign next to value (two) but it does not have any child under it.

7. Create an attribute under project object and point to the 1st lookup created in step 1.

8. Add newly created attribute on the MUX project grid

9. Notice under available values for that attribute you see value for the second level from a different lookup which is wrong.

Expected Results: it should not display 3rd level when only 2 levels defined

Actual Results: It is showing 3rd level values because lookup code from the second lookup is same as the lookup of the 2nd level from 1st lookup.


Release : 15.9.1, 15.8.1, 15.9.2

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


DE60789, No longer reproducible in 15.9.3.