AWI can not complete login Invalid URL in MQSRV_RestEndpoint: null
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AWI can not complete login Invalid URL in MQSRV_RestEndpoint: null


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


When attempting to log in, the login fails and the JWP generates a trace with the following:

20210428/171717.919 - 42               ----------------------- Stack Trace -----------------------
20210428/171717.935 - 42               java.lang.IllegalStateException: Invalid URL in MQSRV_RestEndpoint: null
20210428/171717.935 - 42                at com.automic.persistence.impl.AdministrationRepositoryImpl$1.processRow(
20210428/171717.935 - 42                at com.automic.database.impl.DBConnectionImpl.handleResult(
20210428/171717.935 - 42                at com.automic.database.impl.DBConnectionImpl.executeInternal(
20210428/171717.935 - 42                at


Release : 12.3.x




JCP is not up or registered within the database. 


This can be caused when the JCP does not yet have a registration within the database. 

Run the following query against the DB:

SELECT MQSRV_RestEndpoint from MQSRV where MQSRV_Type = 32 AND MQSRV_MQSet = ?

Where the MQSet is your currently active MQSet.

If that returns no rows, then the JCP has not started. Check the JCP log for the line:

REST Endpoint registered as http:/<servername>:8088

If that is present, please provide this information and open a case with Broadcom Support 

Another possible cause could be that SSL had been activated in the past so you should check the 'sslEnabled' flag in the ucsrv.ini file.

If SSL is not used this parameter should be set to 0.

Change sslEnabled=1 to sslEnabled=0 save the AE configuration file and restart the JCP