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Moving Virtual Services that are deployed on one DevTest server to another


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Service Virtualization


We have built a new DevTest Server with the same version as our old server.

We would like to move all of the Virtual Services from the old server to the new server.

How do we do that?



DevTest 10.6 and up

Component : CA Service Virtualization




check the following on the new system:

1) On the new server make sure the same ports are open on the firewall as the old server. Or that the firewall is disabled.
2) Make sure you have followed the environment and system information for OS and java on the new system:
Preinstallation (
System Requirements (

3) once the new system is up and working create your VSE if you have more than the default.
4) on the old machine stop the services and copy the <DevTest_Home>\vsedeploy folder over to the new server in the same location.
Make sure to zip it before transferring the files.
5) restart the services on the new box and check everything is working.