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ExtremeDevices BlackDiamond X8 has Incorrect\Missing NRMLineCardData in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


ExtremeDevices BlackDiamond X8 has Incorrect\Missing NRMLineCardData in Spectrum



Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


1.  Stop Spectrum Server.

NOTE When making changes with Model Type Editor the changes need to be made exactly the same on every landscape OR the catalog needs to be saved and reloaded on every landscape.

Use caution when making edits under Model Type Editor.

2. Open the MTE

3. Search for ExtrChasApp model type

4. Under this model type search for the boardName_Map (3d001e) attribute. Double click to edit the attribute

5. There are list of Enum with id followed by device name. Add the required device types along with enum number as follows
 ------>  ,549,BDX-MM1,550,BDXA-10G48X,552,BDXA-40G24X,554,BDXA-FM960

6. Click Apply, Click OK
7. From File menu, click Commit To Database

8. Exit the MTE.
9. Restart the SS.
10. Delete the problem ExtremeDevices and re-discover them. You should now see the NRM_LineCardData attribute populated correctly.

Additional Information

NOTE:  These Database changes will be lost on SS Upgrade.

These changes will be implemented in a future release of Spectrum (10.5.0+)