Fields not being masked IMS Database (Z-OS)
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Fields not being masked IMS Database (Z-OS)


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are having some issues regarding masking IMS Databases using the parent/child concept in the DEFCSV.
The masking of the parent field(JMBR01D) works fine, the problem occurs when attempting to mask child fields (JMBR05D) and (JMBR11D) which are not recognized and are not masked at the end of the operation.

I will include the following elements for your analysis and my coordantes if you should need more information :

  • 3 copybooks
  • MAPCSV (The 3 copybooks were treated with FDM to create the MAPCSV).
  • AUDIT-File
  • INPUT-File(partial input file of first 75 records)
  • Input file screen shot of one of the child fields records (JMBR05D) not being masked at
    position 155 length=21


Release : 4.9.1

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer - TMX Script Generator


We found a solution.

Yes, I made an error when a send you the Copybook with an error inside.

Without the copybook error, the file we want to mask is an extract from an IMS Database.

The file to mask includes different data structure (SEGMENT IMS)

When we create the files ZOS.AFL.DM.txt with “CA File Definition Manager (,2018/03/19)”

For each IMS segment, we indicate

  • the “Record Condition” SEGMENT = JPOR20
  • the “Record Parent” JPOR10

After, we generate the “Output files”.

This “Output files” doesn’t work on mainframe



The solution is, do not indicate “Record Parent”.
This “Output files” without  “Record Parent” works good on mainframe

all different IMS segment are masked.