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Java console logon fails after installing Data Center Security Server-All-In-One


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Data Center Security Server Advanced Data Center Security Monitoring Edition Data Center Security Server


The java console logon has not prompted symadmin user to set a new password after fresh install of DCS and logon fails. 


DCS manager and SQL Server are installed on the same server causing the DCS manager services to startup before the database and fail to connect. 


Component: DCS Manager: 

Data Center Security 6.5

Data Center Security 6.6

Data Center Security 6.7

Data Center Security 6.8

Data Center Security 6.9

Data Center Security 6.9.1


Set DCS Manager services startup type to "Automatic: Delayed Start"

1. Open services.msc

2. Right Click Symantec Data Center Security Server Manager

3. Select Properties/General tab

4. Change Startup type in the dropdown from automatic to "Automatic: (Delayed Start)" and select OK

5. Repeat the above steps for the Symantec UMC Telemetry Service and the Symantec UMC Credential Service

6. Reboot the server and wait for the services to start up

7. Attempt to logon to the java console