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CA 1 Flexible Storage


Use of VEXPDT:

What is the correct way to use VEXPDT?

Can you provide some clear examples of how VEXPDT is used?


You can now use a new keyword value called “VEXPDT." The VEXPDT value is similar to EXPDT and will cause the EXPDT field to be updated. However, instead of simply replacing the expiration date for the volume with the specified value, the entire DSNB chain will be run (if there is one) and the highest DSNB EXPDT value or the new VEXPDT= value will be used, whichever is highest. If there are no DSNBs or all the DSNBs are already expired (have an expiration date in the past), then this VEXPDT= value will be used as if EXPDT= had been specified. However, if a secondary file has an expiration date far into the future, or a keyword value, then the highest of the DSNBs or the VEXPDT= will be used.

To run VEXPDT you will just have to run the following:

VOL vvvvvv

REP VEXPDT=yyyy/ddd   

It will act the same as EXPDT except it will read the entire DSNB chain and use the highest DSNB EXPDT or the VEXPDT= value – whichever is HIGHER. So this way, you can use VEXPDT in place of EXPDT keyword and not be worried about scratching a volume with DSNB records that have a high expiration date.