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Not seeing details of Approvals when a user is created or modified directly in Identity Manager such as through a bulk load or explore and correlate.


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When a user is created or modified directly in Identity Manager, either manually, or through a process such as an explore and correlate or bulk load, and there is an approval requirement on that creation / modification when viewing that approval in the Identity Portal no detail is shown related to the approval:



When configuring a Workflow on a Task, the only option for the Approval Task is "Approval Admin Task".  "Approval Admin Task" does not having any fields configured to display information and is intended for Admin to approve Tasks directly within IDM.

For example Initially, the approval workflow was set within the Modify User Task itself:

Which only has the option to select “Approval Admin Task” for the Approval Task, which as described above does not have any fields configured to display information as it is intended only for use within IDM itself.

This results in a Portal view of this approval without any details about the approval:




Release : 14.2 14.3 and 14.4



To allow details to show in the Portal we need to configure the Workflow to trigger on an Event which has fields configured that can be displayed in the Portal's 'Additional Information' area.

Using the same "Modify User" example above, to get the Additional Information to show we need the Workflow to be set on the Event.

First remove the assigned workflow from the specific Admin Task.

Then open System > Workflows > Configure Global Workflow for Event

Locate the Event that requires Approval, in this example “Modify User Event” and click Add:

Select your Workflow Process, in this example Single Step Approval:

Select the Approval Task, in this example the Approve Modify User task, and configure the Participant Resolver:

At this point we have removed the Workflow Approval specifically from the Admin Task itself, and setup the Global Workflow For Events to trigger the Workflow for the require Event.


Now when a user is Modify in IDM the Portal will display the “Additional Information” dialog showing detail of what is being approved:

Additional Information

Engineering has reviewed and confirmed that this is expected behavior.