ISV SCRT Reports for z/VSE
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ISV SCRT Reports for z/VSE


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How to run ISV SCRT Reports for z/VSE?. 


Release : 15.0



If you run both z/VSE and z/OS on your participating CPC you can produce the sub-capacity report on the z/OS system. In this case use the SCRT89 records from your z/VSE systems and the SMF 70/SMF 89 records from your z/OS systems as input to the same execution of the SCRT Job, so that they will appear on the same sub-capacity report for that CPC.
If you are strictly a z/VSE system and do not run z/OS system then you have to run the SCRT for ISV program for Windows to generate your report. There is an option to run the SCRT Report for ISV, instead of using the SCRT option which will generate the IBM Corp version of the report, you should run the SCRT for ISV program using the same input SCRT89 records as input. Additionally you need the ISV Library File which is a XML file with the Broadcom ISV product catalog. When you run the SCRT for ISV Windows program there is a panel to pick up the XML file from the PC.   

The XML required can be found here.
If there is a problem obtaining this XML file, please open a case in the Broadcom Support portal and we will provide the current XML file.