What is the function of the CA PANAPT module APCS1600?
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What is the function of the CA PANAPT module APCS1600?


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We have setup our security system to log access to our production Panvalet libraries to identify who/what is touching them.

Program APCS1600 is showing up on the logging list. What does this module do?



The APCS1600 program is the driver behind the APIP600 panel for the Inventory File Maintenance and Assignment Actions.

The Inventory File is updated from the APCS1600 and is actually part of the APTDB file.

In the APIP600 panel you will see where the Action field controls the Assignment of a member to a user, and the Maintenance of the assigned members. You will also note the Library Code/subcode, this is where it is designated which libraries a particular type of member moves through.

It serves two purposes:

Designates library relationships.

Defines the processing options for the members that use that Library Code.

APCS1600 does not UPDATE the production library. It only calls the routines for the inventory file maintenance and the assignment actions.


Release: PANAD200200-3.2-PanAPT-Option for DB2