Process Automation Unix Agent Install appears to hang
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Process Automation Unix Agent Install appears to hang


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CA Process Automation Base


While trying to install Unix agents for CA Process Automation it appears to be hanging.



Release : 4.3

Component : Process Automation


The install takes some time at this step, and must be left to complete.

When we're hanging, I see that we've failed to read a local copy of the configuration default parameters (to be expected; we've not got them from the server yet) so we create the file /usr/local/CA/PAMAgent/nadc43/PAMAgent/.config/Domain.xml to put them in (you may want to get one from a working UNIX agent to check the contents, though in theory this isn't necessary). We then start copying files from the PAM server:

<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:38,180 OasisNodeInstaller::install> Copying log4j.xml from path https://pam:443/c2orepository/public/log4j.xml
<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:38,384 OasisNodeInstaller::createFile> creating file: /usr/local/CA/PAMAgent/nadc43/PAMAgent/.c2orepository/.c2oagentresources/lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar
<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:38,484 OasisNodeInstaller::createFile> creating file: /usr/local/CA/PAMAgent/nadc43/PAMAgent/.c2orepository/.c2oagentresources/lib/agentStartUP.jar

This continues without error, until we reach this:

<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:38,514 SignRepositoryJars::createBCFIPSKeyStoreFromURL> -------Value of property ---- org.bouncycastle.rsa.allow_multi_use true
<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:40,221 SecurityUtil::info> Security Provider :: SUN
<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:40,221 SecurityUtil::info> Security Provider :: SunRsaSign
<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:40,222 SecurityUtil::info> Security Provider :: SunEC
<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:40,223 SignRepositoryJars::run> Getting the instance of Fips random number generator
<INFO  2021-04-16 09:51:40,239 SignRepositoryJars::run> got the instance of Fips random number generator

This then takes some time to build the FIPS info, but it does eventually complete and the installer progresses to the end.