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Unable to start Autosys EEM services due to missing multi write servers


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CA Workload Automation AE


We restarted EEM and it is failing to start.
We had EEM setup in a multi-write configuration but at this time only one of the EEM servers is still available.

How to break out of multi-write in EEM if all but 1 server has been removed?


EEM 12.6


Make sure that the igateway and dxserver processes are down.
Log in as the dsa user.
Go to the $DXHOME/config/knowledge directory.
Remove the <hostname>.dxc files for the machines that have been decommissioned.
Verify in the itechpoz.dxc and itechpoz.dxg only references the 1 machine.
Start the dxserver process by issuing a dxserver start all.
Log in as root and start the igateway process.
Usually done by issuing ./S99igateway start in the /opt/CA/SharedComponents/iTechnology directory.