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How do I change the enable password on the SSL Visibility Appliance


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


An admin may want to occasionally change the enable password on the SSL Visibility Appliance to meet security policy requirements.





SSL Visibility Appliance


In order to change the enable password the following steps should be taken.

1.  Log into the SSLv via ssh or console with a user that has Manage Appliance role.

2.  Once logged in, type "enable" to enter the elevated privilege mode, or enable mode.  This will change the prompt from > to #.

3.  Next type "configure" and press enter.  This will change the prompt to sslv(config) #.

4.  Then type "authentication enable-password" and press enter.

5.  The prompt "Enter password:" is displayed where you will type the new enable password in and hit enter.

6.  Confirm the new password by entering it again.

7. Finally type "exit" after the enable password has been changed.