No Upload Activities From GitHub Gatelet
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No Upload Activities From GitHub Gatelet


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CASB Gateway CASB Gateway Advanced CASB Security Advanced CASB Security Premium CASB Security Standard


The customer is using the proxy forwarding method but only gets partial GitHub activities in CloudSOC

There are login/logout, download events, but missing upload events.  


The is not listed in the CPL initially.

After added the URL additional issue was discovered:

    • The client PCAP shows the local proxy is intercepting the traffic from the end-user.
    • SG PCAP does NOT show that the request to is being sent to WSS. It shows that it is going direct to AWS.
    • On-Premise SG policy trace shows that the forwarding rules for the traffic being missed
    • Discovered the Proxy has a conflicting rule in different layers so the URL for was bypassed by the proxy in the authentication layer
    • This resulted in the forwarding rule in the CPL not functioning properly


  1. Added the to the CPL as it is needed by GitHub Gatelet uploads.
  2. Removed the from the authentication bypass list