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No Upload Activities From GitHub Gatelet


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CASB Gateway


  • The customer is using the proxy forwarding method but only gets partial GitHub activities in CloudSOC
    • There are login/logout, download events, but is missing uploading events.


  • The is not listed in the CPL initially.
  • After added the URL additional issue was discovered:
    • The client PCAP shows the local proxy is intercepting the traffic from the end-user.
    • SG PCAP does NOT show that the request to is being sent to WSS. It shows that it is going direct to AWS.
    • On-Premise SG policy trace shows that the forwarding rules for the traffic being missed
    • Discovered the Proxy has a conflicting rule in different layers so the URL for was bypassed by the proxy in the authentication layer
    • This resulted in the forwarding rule in the CPL not functioning properly


Release : 1.0

Component :


  1. Added the to the CPL as it is needed by Github Gatelet uploads.
  2. Removed the from the authentication bypass list