Dx Spectrum : Alarm Titles no appearing in Spectrum AlarmNotifier for some alarms
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Dx Spectrum : Alarm Titles no appearing in Spectrum AlarmNotifier for some alarms


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DX NetOps


We have AlarmNotifier configured to send the Alarm Title attribute 0x12b4c in the .alarmrc file.

For some alarms, the Alarm Title is not appearing in the AlarmNotifier output.


Release : 20.2+

Component : Spectrum Alarms and Events


Newline and other unicode control characters appear in the Probable Cause file:

u000a u000b u000c u000d

For example:


DOWNLOAD VOLUME FOR CLIENT EXCEEDED CRITICAL THRESHOLD\u000a\u000aSYMPTOMS:\u000a\u000aClient download volume exceeded the critical threshold limit.\u000a\u000aPROBABLE CAUS
ES:\u000a\u000aClient download volume exceeded the critical threshold limit. Refer to the corresponding event message for more details.\u000a\u000aRECOMMENDED ACTIONS:\u000a
\u000a1) Refer to the Event Message associated with this alarm for additional details that the device may have provided about the cause of this condition.\u000a\u000a2) Review the Events associated with this model that occurred in the same time frame as this alarm in order to gain insight into the device's state.  These can be viewed from the Events tab in OneClick.


You need to convert the unicode characters to ^M and then remove them using dos2unix command.  This can be done with the following:

You'll essentially change the entries to be a ^M and then use dos2unix to remove the ^M:

(1) First save all names with unicode characters . Save in some temporary file for example:  files_names

      egrep -rl "u000a|u000b|u000c|u000d" .  > files_names

(2) Replace ALL  files with \u000d\u000a  with  ^M caharacter

grep -rl "u000a" .  | xargs sed -i 's\u000a\r\n/g'

You may need to run the above event for every unicode instance found. The above example if for u000a. You may need to run for u000d, b, c etc.

(3) Remove ^M character

cat ./files_names  | xargs  dos2unix

(4) Remove files_names

rm -f files_names

(5) Reload the changes in the OneClick Administration page - Update Event and Alarm Files.

Check the new alarms generated.

Additional Information

This is tentatively scheduled to be fixed in 21.2.3

for (20.2.5) patch is available. Please contact support.