"Invalid permissions" when accessing data in Security Analytics
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"Invalid permissions" when accessing data in Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


After upgrading to Security Analytics 8.2.2, we're seeing "invalid permissions" errors on several GUI pages.  Also, we're unable to view any data or stats on the Central Manager console (CMC).


Release : 8.2.2

Component :  Central manager web interface


The user permissions databases on the CMC can become out of sync with the sensors.  When they do, the permissions do not reflect properly, which prevents access to data on some pages.  There is a banner in the top right corner stating "Invalid permissions"


The invalid permissions and lack of data results can be fixed by an admin user.  They will need to update a user in Settings --> Users and Groups on the CMC.  No changes need to be made. Simply click the edit icon for any user or group and then save the changes. Once the user information is saved, the system forces a synchronization between the CMC and the sensors.  This will take a few minutes but the warnings will disappear and the data should appear.