How can i find Obsolete Tape Files
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How can i find Obsolete Tape Files


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


Is there a similar report or utility that can be run for DSN's that are located in the TMC but not in the OS Catalog (3.4) ?

I am trying to find any obsolete datasets.




Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


To help identify potentially obsolete tape files some new CA EARL reports have been created by applying PTF LU01158

These new reports and their purpose are listed below;

  • TMEOBS01 – Lists tape files under CATALOG-CONTROL that are still cataloged but more than 10 years old. A simple change can be used to lower this age test from 10 years to 5 years or 2 ½ years depending on your needs.  This EARL report will also generate IDCAMS DELETE statements to un-catalog those files that meet the age criteria. It is strictly optional if you want to run the IDCAMS after the list is created, but it is an option.


  • TMEOBS02 – Lists tape files under CYCLE-CONTROL that are over 10 years old. Again, the age can easily be customized. Instead of generating IDCAMS statements however, TMSUDSNB and TMSUPDTE statements are generated that will create a statement to change the expiration dates (easily customized value of xx days into the future).


  • TMEOBS03 – Lists tape files that have either a USER/uuu or STATS/sss expiration date assigned.  TMSUPDTE and TMSUDSNB statements will be generated.


  • TMEOBS04 – List tape files that have an expiration date of PERMANENT but are NOT defined as an EDM. They will be kept forever, and that might fine, but these should be reviewed to insure they need to be kept forever.


  • TMEOBS05 – List tape files that are NOT currently cataloged, created more than 90-days ago, and have an expiration date more then 30-days into the future (except for files under CATALOG-CONTROL, which will be addressed with the next daily processing).  Determine if these tape files are really needed anymore.


  • TMEOBS06 – List tape files that HAD been used at one time, are currently in SCRATCH status (but not DELETE status) but have not been re-used for at least 5 years. If these volumes are defined as being in an IBM TS7700 (ROBOT_TYPE equals IBM or VIBM) – then it generates some CTSSYNC commands to check the status of the volumes in the IBM TS7700. This is looking for tapes that CA 1 thinks are scratch, but for some reason have not been re-used for years.


  • TMERETN1 – A new high-retention list that only looks at volume records for volumes that have a non-keyword expiration date more than 2 years into the future OR more than 5 years since creation. This is only a report, no control statements are generated to change expiration dates.


More detailed documentation is in the :