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Why do we see the rollup condition of the Universe Model as Red, but there are no alarms present?


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CA Spectrum


In OneClick we are using Security Strings to restrict access to different user groups and we have restricted the Universe model as the base container.

However, even though there are no alarms present for this user group, we are seeing the roll up condition for the Universe model as red.


Security Strings restrict user access to models, but they do not prevent users from seeing the actual roll up condition of the base model, which in this case is the Universe model.


Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


The users are able to see the Universe model as a container in the Navigation panel, but they are not able to access it via the Security strings. 

This is FAD as the users can see that there is a red condition from the Universe model, but they are not able to see the alarms or the Universe model details because of the Security Strings.

As an alternative to Security Strings you can create a Global Collection for the Users and then remove the Explorer View and Set Initial View to that User Global Collection therefore the Users will not be able to see the Universe Model as the base container model.