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OI - Is it possible to report thousand of objects from Zabbix to DX OI using existing RestMon schema? 


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DX Operational Intelligence


The integration between Zabbix and DX OI via DX RestMon is working fine for 2-3 object and the data is populated in DX OI as expected, however when trying more than 50 objects from Zabbix, the data is not populated in DX OI and restmon.log shows the following exception:

[AsyncHttpClient-3-2] ERROR ResponseHandler:183 - Failed : HTTP error code : 500 Internal Server Error


DX OI 20.2 On-Premise

Zabbix (5.0)

DX RestMon


Pagination isn't supported in Restmon currently. As of today, Restmon can only get all the records in one go, and process them together. Pagination support is something we will be building, but it's not there yet.

In order to resolve this issue, you can increase the pagination limit in Zabbix, refer to the following article: