How to print various data list displays in NetMaster / SOLVE
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How to print various data list displays in NetMaster / SOLVE


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Is there a way to print the various data list displays available in Solve and NetMaster products without having to cut and paste?


Release: SLFTS.00200-12-SOLVE:FTS


Within Netmaster it is possible to extract the data from list either in print format, or for specific lists also in comma delimited format.


Most data list displays available in Solve and NetMaster products can be printed directly without having to cut and paste while paging through the list by using command ?PRINT entered while the list is displayed.

NOTE: Please see Additional Information for full syntax

As an example, let's say you're viewing a rather lengthy Connection List generated from the NetMaster TCPIP /CONNC panel as shown below, and a printout of the list was requested by support:

NETM1---------------------- TCP/IP : Connections ----------------Stack: TCPIP
Command ===>                                                   Scroll ===> CSR
    Line 1 of 123                                Refresh Every ...  ___   Seconds
            S=View I=Information CS=Statistics PT=Packet Trace Z=Drop ?=Actions
    Foreign              Local
    Host           Port  Host          LPort TaskName Status    Idle
 __  6715 16088 FRED     CLOSEWAIT 5:08:32
 __  6715 25102 JOE      CLOSEWAIT 3:48:32
 __    14822   31696 SALLY    CLOSEWAIT 0:00:23


Rather than cut, paste, page down, cut, paste, page down and so on, you can simply enter ?PRINT on the command line! The Printer Confirmation panel will be displayed:

NETM1---------------------- PSM : Confirm Printer -----------------------------
Command ===> 
Printer Name ..+ $PSEMAIL  
Copies ......... 1   (Range 1 to 255)
Hold? .......... NO  (YES or NO)
Keep? .......... NO  (YES or NO)


From here you can select a printer and print the entire list similar to what you were already able to do with Log Entries or data from Command Entry. Not only does the ?PRINT command print what's visible on the screen, but also prints the data to the right of the visible display for lists that are left/right scrollable.


The ?PRINT command works for most data lists that can be generated in Solve and NetMaster, such as Monitor lists (alerts, resources, file transfers, etc...), IP and TELNET connection lists, IP History  and so on...



This is available in all lists accessible through /IPCON (Menu option D.C)

Our Netmaster for TCP/IP 12.2 Release Notes explains how you can extract the data, in the New Features section under /IPCON EXPORT Command Support for Connections Lists

In summary, bring up the desired connection list display, then issue the EXPORT command.

This will drive the printer function, so data can be sent via email or to a dataset. The output is in comma delimited format.

A display that looks something like this in Netmaster

 Foreign               Local                                                
 Host             Port Host             LPort TaskName Status       Idle     56625        23 NTELNT   ESTABLISHED   0:12:24     56690        23 NTELNT   ESTABLISHED   0:00:05     50322        23 NTELNT   ESTABLISHED   4:50:18     58301        23 NTELNT   ESTABLISHED   0:01:18     11932        23 NTELNT   ESTABLISHED   1:24:14     50036        23 NTELNT   ESTABLISHED   0:00:08   58851        23 NTELNT   ESTABLISHED   0:00:14

will look like this when exported. 

SYSNAME,JOBNAME,CONNID,SMC,REASONR,REASOND,STATUS,LCLHOST,RMTHOST,LCLPORT,RMTPORT,BYTESOUT,BYTESIN,IDLE,APPLDATA,ATTLSPOL,ATTLSSEC,FIPSLVL,INBUFF,OUTBUFF,DUPACK,REXMIT,SMRTT,RTTVARTCPIP11,TCPTEL,002C2C52,-,-,-,ESTABLISHED,,,23,58301,350491,4008,0:01:18,EZBTNSRV A11XX034 TPX11    ET B,NOPOLICY,NO,-,0,0,0,0,54,47TCPIP11,TCPTEL,0030D45B,-,-,-,TIMEWAIT,,,23,49276,312245,65702,0:01:00,EZBTNSRV A11YY092 TPX11    ET B,NOPOLICY,NO,-,0,0,0,0,57,32TCPIP11,TCPTEL,0030D737,-,-,-,ESTABLISHED,,,23,49452,93610,13999,0:00:28,EZBTNSRV A11YY094 TPX11    ET B,NOPOLICY,NO,-,0,0,0,0,60,22TCPIP11,TCPTEL,0030D896,-,-,-,TIMEWAIT,,,23,49538,9856,1100,0:00:29,EZBTNSRV A11YY096 TPX11    ET B,NOPOLICY,NO,-,0,0,0,0,54,24TCPIP11,TCPTEL,0030DA93,-,-,-,TIMEWAIT,,,23,49712,8382,996,0:00:26,EZBTNSRV A11YY098 TPX11    ET B,NOPOLICY,NO,-,0,0,0,0,51,19TCPIP11,TCPTEL,0030DDFD,-,-,-,TIMEWAIT,,,23,50088,8069,946,0:00:29,EZBTNSRV A11YY099 TPX11    ET B,NOPOLICY,NO,-,0,0,0,0,53,22


The online doc for these screens shows

EXPORT uses Printer Services to print the contents of 
the current Telnet, FTP or Connection List screen.    
The screen information is written out in comma        
delimited format. The print request is processed in   
the background, and a Printer Services message is     
written to the Activity Log when completed.           

Additional Information

Full syntax of the command is  ?PRINT HERE nnnn or ?PRINT nnnn

where nnnn is the number of lines to be printed.
 Default value is 999 if no number is specified.  Maximum value is 9000

the HERE option will print from the current line of data being displayed forward. If no number is specified, it will default to 999.


1. I want to print 6435 records from the IP History from the beginning of the list.
    Command: ?PRINT 7000
   This makes clear that the number of lines in the command can be higher than the actual number of records. The process will hit end of list before  the 7000 limit, and that's fine; there are no requirements for an exact match


2. I want to print part of a connection list starting a few screens down, and only need the next 100 lines.
    Scroll forward and position the first line to be printed at the top of the screen.
    Command: ?PRINT HERE 100


3. I want to print the complete listing from a specific connection display that is about 500 lines.
    Command: ?PRINT